Per Bahts
Oral Examination and consultation service free
Cleaning and Polishing mouth 1,200-1,500
Fluoride Application mouth 500


Amalgam (silver) filling tooth 1,000-2,500
Tooth color filling tooth 1,000-2,500
(the price depend on surface filling)


Whitening with LASER Technology In Clinic 7,000
Whitening with PHILIPS ZOOM! Technology In Clinic 9,000
Whitening with LED Technology In Clinic 8,500
Whitening with OPALESCENCE BOOST In Clinic 7,000

Home bleaching

Customised tray up/lower  4 gels (overnight) 4,500
Customised tray up/lower  8 gels (overnight) 6,500
Customised tray up/lower  4 gels ( one hour/day) 5,500
Customised tray up/lower  8 gels ( one hour/day) 8,500


Ceramic(IPS Empress Esthetic) tooth 10,000
Composite tooth 5,000


Simple tooth extraction tooth 1,000-1,500
Wisdom tooth (Impacted tooth) tooth 3,000-5,000

Root canal Treatment

Incisor & Canine tooth tooth 7,000
Premolar tooth 8,000
Molar tooth 12,000

Crown & Bridge

All ceramic  Empress Esthetic tooth 13,000
All ceramic  E-max System tooth 14,000
All ceramic Procera  tooth 15,000
All ceramic Zirconia  tooth 15,000
Porcelain fused to metal crown(standard metal) tooth 10,000
Porcelain fused to metal crown(52% gold metal) tooth 15,000
Porcelain fused to metal crown(87% gold metal) tooth 17,000

Post (Pin tooth)

Anterior teeth tooth 5,000
Posterior teeth tooth 6,000

Inlay or Onlay

Ceramic inlay or onlay tooth 15,000
52 % gold metal inlay or onlay tooth 15,000

Removable denture

Complete denture (upper and lower denture) 30,000-40,000
Temporaly plate ( plastic) 4,000-12,000
Partial denture (flexible  plastic) 7,000
Partial denture (metal based) 7,000
Metal removable  denture 17,000

Note: Price is subject to change without notice

Our clinic does not charge hidden credit card, consultation or sterilisation charges